Sounds of Distant Drums

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Lord take me back in time, to Galilee,
Walk me beside her serene blue Sea,
Introduce to me your fishermen friends,
Committed to you until all life ends,

Show me the nine thousand you fed by faith,
The servants you cured; Centurion’s dying waif.
Dear friend from the dead your word resurrected,
Lazarus whom they thought that you had rejected.

Show me your mother Mary, and dear Magdalene,
Tending you to the tomb from that tree so obscene,
There is another brave Mary and her husband Cleopas
Who failed to recognize you on the road to Emmaus.

Explain to me all of your mysteries unknown,
Reassure me, my Lord, that I shan’t be alone,
Love me Lord, brush all the tears from my eyes,
Show me Jerusalem coming down from the skies.

Show me dear Lord, as the waves wash my feet,
There’s coming a day every over-comer will meet
With the trumpet sound, and your sign in the sky,
Resurrected believers into your arms they will fly.

Lord tend my frail hands as we pace Galilee,
The joy of your presence, at last sets me free,
Bliss to be with you from this day evermore,
A time of true peace … never witnessed before.

Alf Hutchison


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