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An Ode to Sally Donaldson.

Rhodesia’s unsung hero, Sally Donaldson by name.
Her broadcasts kept alive in us, our patriotic flame.
Rhodesia’s unsung hero abides with us no more,
Passed on to higher service in God’s heavenly corp.

Every Saturday afternoon, all JOC’s were deathly calm,
Sally’s voice so articulate, like saffron soothing balm.
‘Sally please talk to me, tell me I’m loved from home,
I’ve been away for so long, and feel desperately alone’

Quietly listening to her voice, calm and full of grace,
Not uncommon to see a tear roll down a soldiers face.
Receiving solace from this voice; bringing love from his wife.
Messages from loved ones brought fresh meaning to his life

Named the ‘Troopies Sweetheart’, and loved by everyone,
To some the moon for lovers, but to most the rising sun.
Her voice tattooed now upon our hearts, indelibly permanent,
Engraved forever upon our souls; her everlasting testament.

The Meritorious Service Medal, they pinned upon her chest,
Rhodesia was so proud of her, for she gave it of her best,
War oft times raises champions, to walk the tightrope thin,
Sally you are that very champion, Rhodesia’s own… Vera Lynn.


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