Sounds of Distant Drums

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They came from countries far and wide, to pay their last respect,
And upon the life of Nelson Mandela they would all reflect.
A terrorist cum freedom fighter, who had certainly done the crime;
Arrested, tried and convicted; imprisoned, he had done the time.

Never before witnessed such a gathering of vagabonds and thieves,
All with masked faces whilst being told “A mourning nation grieves”.
Never before have more heinous warmongers gathered under one roof,
Check the official list of dignitaries, should you require more proof.

The world had come to say good-bye to Mandela who had died,
But the rain that fell that day where from Angels as they cried,
Angels crying not for Mandela, nor for his ‘grieving family’
But for a world where most shall be…in Hell for all eternity.

Written by Alf Hutchison

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