Sounds of Distant Drums

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I have a little red beret; of course I look so smart,
It stays put when I toy-toy; I really look the part,
Because I am so tough, and so incredibly clever,
I would not sell my red beret, not ever, ever, ever.

Malema bought them, to fill the Whites with fear,
Leading us in protests, folks say that he looks queer,
We march and hold hands, we are an awesome sight,
Most of us do ballet, ‘cos we know not how to fight.

Phinehas wears his red beret, so very, very loose,
We all know his name, but white okes call him doos.
Because they are so afraid of him in his beret red,
That sits so cock-eyed upon his fearsome head.

So if you want a red beret join us they are free,
Put it on your head and look as fearsome as me.
Your red beret has EFF embroidered on the peak,
Show the Whites in Africa that we are so unique.

Without my little red beret I would be truly lost.
Protecting my tiny brain from the cold and the frost.
When you see us marching, berets upon our crowns;
We are fearsome comrades… not a bunch of clowns.

Written by Alf Hutchison

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