Sounds of Distant Drums

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Written for Craig Bone as a ‘caption’ to his sketch …

You cannot know my pain, for you were never there,
Crushing pain in heart and mind, that I can hardly bear,
Cataclysmic moments, when all hell on earth breaks loose,
Machine guns, mortar blasts, to once again my mind seduce,

To seduce and prompt cruel memories, of my fallen Mate,
Why his life instead of mine; is this what they call fate,
We know not when our time is up, when life becomes a hush.
Fate dealt us each five poker cards; my full house beat his flush

I think oft times of that day, when I lost my dearest friend,
We were never going to die; we’d be together till life's end.
His body prone at my feet, as life seeps from his chest,
Forever gone from this world, to where soldiers go to rest.

Too late to shout out “Medic”, but I do it all the same,
Bloodied dog-tags in my hand; his number, rank and name.
They will give them to his grieving wife; a morbid souvenir,
Of a brave courageous soldier, and a husband she held dear.

I cannot say good-bye to you; your presence is always near,
As we were in bygone years, two boys who knew no fear.
They tell me that there’s a heaven…I hope so anyway,
For if I am accepted there, we’ll be friends again one day

By Alf Hutchison

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