Sounds of Distant Drums

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Africa; dawn of a new day, crisp and cold,
Sunrise yet to come; tis ‘first light’ I am told,
First light awakes Africa from troubled sleep,
Silhouetted ghosts closer to water’s edge creep,

White frost, fresh upon parched savanna grass,
Touching the serene lake of mirrored glass.
Diadems of a gazillion stars emblazon the sky,
Tranquilly reflected in the lake from on high.

Giant orbs returning after a good nights feed,
Plowing into the lake at hippopotamus speed.
My Africa, as night now surrenders to the light,
A bewitchingly, beautifully surreal wild sight.

Two figures attired in African fine vesture,
“Hujambo Bwana” their welcoming gesture.
Proud, fearless; both formidable in the hunt.
No animal in Africa do they fear to confront.

Kneeling, kindling our last nights camp fire.
Blowing new flames into the fresh wood pyre,
Leaping flames reflect off sharpened spears,
As the promise of a new day swiftly appears.

A haunting cry from a Bateleur eagle on high.
The orchestrated cackle as waterfowl pass by.
Over the horizon of hills, rays of sun re-appear,
Another day of African adventure draws near.

Alf Hutchison

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